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Tagalog Movie

Rich, beautiful and in love, Lance and Lyra are an ideal couple.

The end of their blissful marriage begings when Lance, by accident, met Jill.

Ultra modern and extremely aggressive, Jill pursues Lance and she succeeds in no time.

What was a one-night stand turns out to be an affair as Jill finds herself craving for more.

Lance, despite his guilt, is drawn to the heat of the affair, and their sexual adventures become even more daring.

But no secret can be kept forever. Lyra discovers their affair without their knowledge.

Unlike most wronged wives, Lyra chooses to keep her rage, pretending that nothing is wrong.

Yet, despite her silence, the love triangle distorts their perspective and ultimately, it leads to a tragic death.

Directed by Maryo J. De los Reyes

* Richard Gomez
* Joyce Jimenez
* Pops Fernandez
* Giselle Sanchez
* Ali Sotto
* Lito Legaspi


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Tagalog Movie
Three friends, two boys and a girl growing up in a small town south of Manila, share the same dreams, the same pains, the same visions and the same passions. As they reach adulthood the love they have for each other reaches a new intensity and in this perfect friendship, choices have to be made testing their loyalties while discovering their preferences. From being childhood friends they become three individuals struggling to find their true identity, looking for a deeper meaning to their existence. This friendship was almost perfect but for the choices they have to make, the very choice that is capable of ripping their friendship apart when boy loves girl, girl loves boy and boy loves boy. A different kind of love that brings on the true beauty, the deeper meaning of forgiveness and the joy of letting go. Directed by Roni Bertubin Ken Escudero Ashley Silverio Wil Sandejas Sylvia Sanchez Ernie Garcia Dido dela Paz


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Tagalog Movie

Jake is a caretaker at a boarding residence that houses a whole array of characters-- a born-again couple with an addiction for porn movies, a nymphet masquerading as a shy school girl, a virgin discovering her lustful predilections.

Through the holes, he has carved on the ceiling , with surreptitious perfection. Jake has become privy to their most intimate and darkest secrets.

Keeping a watchful eye on these people is not just a means to satisfy his carnal curiousity, it is an addiction that makes him feel like a god.

But one day his life changes when he hovers over the lives of newlyweds Cecilia and Ding, her husband.

While his eyes feast on the couple's sexual encounters, Jake develops a connection with Cecilia that he has never experienced before.


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Tagalog Movie

Directed by Francis Posadas

Diana Zubiri
Allona Amor
Celso Ad Castillo
Rodel Velayo
Winston Elizalde
Rusty Santos


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Tagalog Movie

Babes has established a good reputation as an entertainer in Japan that clients fought over her.

But soon, the fighting becomes intense she decides to come home but with a different identity.

Babes decided to continue her career as an entertainer and as expected, customers never seem to get enough of her.


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Tagalog Movie

On the surface, Harry comes out as a happy-go-lucky guy growing up in Olongapo.

But inside he has a dark mission--- to find his American father and kill him.

When Harry was young, his father used to pimp his mother and eventually Harry himself.

An attempt to escape Harry's father lead to his mother's death.

He ran away to Manila and ended up working in a gay bar. Where he is also able to discover a final truth that leads him to his ultimate redemption.


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Tagalog Movie

A fake priest and a prostitute connive to stage a hoax to pocket money from the church donations... unaware that a real miracle will come their way that will drastically change their lives. When Martin (Manalo), an ex-convict, assumes the identity of Father Eman, the people from the town accepted him. But then he falls for Lorena (Mina), the town prostitute and reveals his true identity to her. Together they plan a scheme to earn the people's faith and "sell" their miracles'. But Lorena's mentally disturbed sister Cion (Taylor) witnesses an apparition of Blessed Virgin, a real miracle that will challenge their faith and transform their lives forever.


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Tagalog Movie

Directed by Mauro Gia Samonte

Rodel Velayo
Bridgette de Joya
Sofia Valdez
Jethro Ramirez
Odette Khan
Emmanuel H Borlaza


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Tagalog Movie

Sa isang liblib na baryo, isang lumang kubo ang laging dinarayo ng mga lalaking uhaw sa pagmamahal ng kanilang mga asawa...

Emilio Garcia
John Apacible
Paolo Rivero
Julio Diaz
Jenine Desiderio
Sofia Valdez


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Tagalog Movie

Directed by Arsenio Bautista

Stella Strada
Dennis Roldan
Edgar Mande


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When songbird Darla temporary loses her voice to laryngitis, she seeks medical help from throat specailist Andre who reveals to her that there is more physical ailment.

Eventually, Darla reveals her real pain--- she is Devon's battered wife.

What starts as a patient-doctor relationship sparks into a passionate but dangerous liaison because suspicious Devon threatens death and so does Andre's wealthy and obsessed girlfriend Kathleen.

Darla's discovery of Devon's and driver Aston's secret, almost causes her death but changes the course of her life forever.

Directed by Jigz F. Recto

Hazel Cabrera
Jordan Herrera
Maricar Dela Fuente
Ran Domingo


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Tagalog Movie They are beautiful. Young... and fresh. They are objects of desire... Idolized by many... Fantasized by men... They are the centerfold dancers..... " I started at 14. No one invited me to be a dancer. I just wanted to be one."


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Tagalog Movie

A member of a kidnap-for-ransom gang, Gene is a reluctant criminal. A hoodlum with a big heart, he treats his victims with kindness.

Gene gets into a passionate affair with Dolor, a former bar girl who is now a kept woman of a rich man who beats her.

Both Gene and Dolor plan to escape: he from the syndicate, and she from her cruel lover.


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Tagalog Movie

A story of false hopes and deceit in a world where innocence in sin.

Cathy thought she was having the time of her life when Nick, the school's heartthrob suddenly noticed her and started giving her special attention.

She was, after all, a very shy person who is as ordinary as the rest. Little did she know that she was the object of a bet between Nick and his friends.

Later on, she learns the truth and vows to get even at all cost.

Directed by Quark Henares

Maui Taylor
Patricia Javier
Wendell Ramos
Jordan Herrera
Marie-France Arcilla
Ramon De Veyra


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Tagalog Movie

Paolo Paraiso makes his big screen transition via "Imoral" opposite Katherine Luna and Arnold Reyes with Edgar Allan Guzman.....

A lot of people put a high priority on monogamy in a relationship.

However, there are rare intances when the couple agrees to have an open relationship, allowing the participants to take other partners.

Written by Gerry Gracio ("Santa- Santita"), "Imoral" tackles the dynamics of the relationship between a husband, his wife and his lover as they all live in one house.


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One of local filmdom's most desirable woman, Ina Raymundo, returns in a film even more daring than Burlesk Queen.

Madam X chronicles the life of a young woman caught in the middle of an ugly war between her fiance and his father.

balahibong pusa

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Plot Summary of Balahibong Pusa:Sarah (Joyce) is not happy about the idea of her mother Vivian (Elizabeth) getting married to Michael (Julio Diaz). But when she confronts her and Vivian describes how happy she is, Sarah eventually gives her consent. Sarah is hesitant about Michael though. She feels that Michael desires her but is helpless because he has Vivian's trust that Vivian even goes out of her way to the two comfortable with each other. All these Sarah confides to her ' friend' Nick (Jay M analo) with whom she has a relationship which her mother disapproves of. Ironic but Nick also happens to be a mechanic at Michael's shop and is at the same seeing Becky (Rica). What Michael witnesses one fateful night turns out to be a revelation which eventually decides their fate

Viva Hot Babes Gone Wild

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Starring : Marco Morales , Mercedes Cabral , More
Director : Joven Tan
Genre : Adult

Gagawin ang lahat para sumikat. Kahit sariling katawan ang kabayaran,

gagawin para matupad

lamang ang hangad.Hanggang saan ang kayang gawin kung ikaw

ay alipin ng pag-ibig? Tikman.

pasukin. subukan..kaya mo bang tumagal sa mundo ng pelikula?
Handa ka na bang magpa-Booking?